Online Counseling: Life and Business Issues
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Online Counseling: Life and Business Coaching

 Dr. Joseph Abraham BA, MA, PhD 
Online Life and Business Coach
​will provide high quality of online coaching and advice regarding 
Life and Business Issues. 
Online Counseling: Life and Business Issues ®
Dr. Joe coaches for personal growth, marriage strength, family relationship, and business or work related topics via Skype or phone.

Dr. Joe academic and professional background:
BA in Counseling, MA in Psychology, PhD in Management. 

20 years of work in Israel in Psychology 
and Management Consulting.
Since 2005 a USA based online life and business coach 
with clients in the US and many other countries.

Mission Statement
I'm an expert on people and corporate behavior. 
My expertise will be utilized to better your ways
of dealing with your life and business
missions, so you will be more 
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  $65 for 45 minutes