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Online Counseling: Life and Business Coaching

Review Case Summaries:
See What Life and Business Coaching Can Do

1. A professional (34 years old), after changing jobs twelve times in seven years, realized he had a problem to resolve. Online Stress Management coaching and Relationship Advice Counseling regarding dialogues with co-workers and superiors was needed prior to searching once again for a new job.

2. A young couple with no children yet, wanted to break their four year pattern of quickly disputing about (money, location of residence, relatives and social lifestyle) - which always intensified into a long hostile silence. Once they accepted my guidance via Online Relationship Counseling to acquire some modeling, who ARE NOT 
their parents, it was easy for them to gain alternatives. They quickly adopted constructive ways of decision making and conflict resolution techniques.

3. A handsome and very rich 40 year old male regressed into a situational unhappiness: he could not move on after a devastating break-up with whom he was so ready to marry. Obviously, he needed Relationship Advice to re-evaluate his value system regarding the needs of women. As his Online Life Coach I advised him to utilize qualities that he previously regarded as too feminine: listening, showing interest, expressing feelings and seeking advice or help. When he started dating again he leaned on his personality, not his money, without a fear of failure.

4. A couple’s intimacy faded after two years of marriage. Their sessions with me started as I helped them as a Stress Management coach to re-structure their current workaholic lifestyle.
Some time later they again called to seek my Relationship Advice for their Marriage Strengthening needs; one session only was required to reveal that the outside involvement of parents from both sides was the main destructive factor in their lives.

5. A senior level manager who became raged and highly tempered several times during a two months period was actually forced by his supervisor to do something about it; he refused to attend Stress Management group (probably due to his shame) so he turned to me for Online Relationship Counseling. 
I advised him to relate his destructive behavior to his failing attempts, which he kept secretly, of finding a higher-paying job. Analysis of the job market in regards to his age, experience and expected income turned our session into a Business Coach consulting.

With the blessing of his employer, he was given two consulting days per week and therefore was financially ready to start a new stimulating career path as a self employed consultant.

Thankfully, he admitted that my involvement as his Online Life and Business Coach helped him to make a 'Personality Growth' - a successful career transformation, as well as reducing his tension with his family.

6. A family printing business was transformed from a local shop to nationwide operation due to a smart marketing decision to move to the internet based order system, in 2007.
Sales volume (revenues) grew 10 times larger in the last years, but profits grew only slightly better than before. 

The crucial difficulties were not financial: the family was not prepared for the day-to-day stress of the the company growth.

Business Coaching allowed updated management skills to be implemented; statistical data from various surveys directed the continuous efficiency efforts; team building and 
gain sharing incentive plans tied sales to specific activities. 

The result: about 15% of the entire annual operating cost could be reduced.